Capital Carillon Photo
The 2017 Capital Carillon: (back row, left to right) Daniel, Brent, Kerric, Mary Beth, Alfred, Sarah, Leticia, (front row, left to right) Elizabeth, Brin, Teri, Chad, Patricia, Capitola, Melissa.

The members of the Capital Carillon handbell choir are volunteers that have professional careers in design, education, business, technology, banking, government, science, and the private sector. All are experienced musicians who are auditioned annually by the director.  Many of the members play additional instruments, including organ, piano, flute, recorder, trumpet, and violin.

Current Ringers

Sara Blight
Sara started ringing bells in 1993, and joined Capital Carillon in 2014.  Sara works as a mathematician for the U.S. government.

Kim Braswell

Teri Gregory
Teri Gregory started ringing bells in the Fall of 1992 when her church acquired their first set of handbells and a group of inexperienced ringers decided to come together and try to figure out what to do with these things.  Eventually, they did figure it out – and bells became a gateway to more and more musical experiences.

Since those first days of ringing, Teri has expanded her handbell experience to include solo, duet, trio and quartet music, as well ensemble work here with Capital Carillon and previously with the Anacrusis handbell ensemble.  She has attended international handbell events in the District of Columbia and seven states including Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusettes, North Carolina, Colorado and Oregon and loves every minute of swinging her bronze.

To support her handbell habit, Teri is the lead thermal systems engineer for the Satellite Servicing Capabilities Division at the Goddard Space Flight Center and she keeps busy with her wonderful husband and two teenage children.

Stacie Gutowski

Mary Beth Holly
Mary Beth started ringing bells in 1995, in her church in Charlottesville, VA.  She joined Capital Carillon in 2013.   During the day, Mary Beth is a Director of Financial Services for Ginger Cove (continuing care retirement community).  When she is not ringing handbells with Capital Carillon, she is ringing handbells with Community United Methodist Church, Anacrussis, Anacrussis Quartet, and Distinctly Bronze.  Mary Beth enjoys cooking, spending time outdoors, and loves being with her family.

Brent Keith
Brent started ringing bells with his elementary school choir in 1982. Since then, he has performed regularly with school and church groups in Texas, Ohio, Delaware, and California. Brent joined Capital Carillon in 2009. Over the years, Brent has played in every bell position at one time or another, though he spends the most time in the lowest octaves. He has played on Malmark, Schulmerich, and Whitechapel bells, along with the full range of Schulmerich chimes. In 2012, Brent started playing the lowest bass octave of Schulmerich chimes, and that is where he can most often be found since.

Patricia Pippin Lane
Patricia joined Capital Carillon in 2016. She discovered handbells in 2004 when her home church decided to start a second bell choir and asked for volunteers. Ignoring the common wisdom concerning volunteering, she said yes and has never looked back. Hanging around during the senior choir’s rehearsal time got her a place in both choirs, setting her firmly on her current path of bell-aholic (with no intention of seeking counseling.) By signing up on the substitute list on the Handbell Musicians of America’s Area III (Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., Delaware, and North Carolina) website, Patricia managed to find like-minded people (read: will ring anywhere, anytime) to support her bell-ringing appetite. Called to substitute, she frequently stayed to become a permanent member. So, when not ringing with Capital Carillon, she can be found ringing with the Colonial English Handbell Ringers, the Heavenly Handbells of Trinity Lutheran Evangelical Church, or the Joybells of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. Patricia also plays in Distinctly Bronze ensembles.

A retired army officer, Patricia also enjoys quilting, cooking, and playing the trombone. She is married to Allan, a software engineer working at Goddard Space Flight Center in support of satellite ground systems who also plays handbells. Their son is currently studying computer game design at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Kate Lebold

Elizabeth A. W. McCarthy
A Virginia native, Elizabeth began playing handbells at the age of 10 in her church’s junior bell choir. She continued through high school, and then took a four year break to attend college. After moving to Washington DC in 1998, Elizabeth started playing again with the Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church, and joined Capital Carillon in 2006. Elizabeth also plays the violin, oboe, and piano, and is a creative director in Washington DC. When not working on pursuing music, she enjoys traveling, reading fiction, computer gaming, making costumes, and cooking.

Kelly Nichols

Charles Parker
Chad has been ringing handbells since 2003.  He joined Capital Carillon in 2016.  Chad also plays the piano and saxophone.  The handbell ensembles that he has been involved with during the years include Back Bay Ringers, Rooke Chapel Ringers, Old South Ringers, Back Bay Quartet, Back Bay Carillon (Director), and Rebellion (Director). Chad works at the JHU Applied Physics Laboratory building scientific instrumentation for interplanetary spacecraft.

Melissa Smith
Melissa has been ringing handbells since 2003.  She started ringing in the children’s/beginner choir at the Kettering SDA Church in Ohio.  With the assistance and direction of Joan Ulloth (Director), her skills improved and expanded so that she was able to join the ensemble advanced ringing choir.  Melissa believes she takes after her Mom, who has been playing handbells since 1996, and is a current member of the Kettering Advent Ringers.

Elaine Thompson

Gail Williams

Alex Yonts

Capital Carillon Alumni

Many people have contributed to the Capital Carillon organization over its long history.
Capital Carillon would like to thank them for their contributions and service to the organization.

Previous members of Capital Carillon include: Christine Allison, Capitola Anderson, Carol Ann Baker, Carol Ballentine, Martha Bortner, Francis Blendermann, Shirley Bockstahler-Brandt, Leticia Bode, Daniel Brandt, Kim Braswell, Barb Butler, Laura Campbell, Sarah Campbell, Victoria Dee, Brin Desai, Sandra Detmer, Cyrena Rockwell Dogan, Clif Dyhouse, Keely Fraser, Carri Farrand, Kathy Gilbert, Ardyce Griswold, Jessica Hand, Casey Hitt, Greg Hoff, John Hoffsommer, Gillian Hollar, Leslie Holliwell, Mary Beth Holly, Heather Jones, Christopher Kemnitz, Michael Knapp, Kathy Latterner, Emily Liu, Pearl Marshall, Glenda Mason, Jennie Miller, Margie Miller, Viviana Meléndez Muñiz, Marit Munson, Kathy Murphy, David Nelson, Tiffany Newman, Lin Olsen, Calley Ordoyne, Rachel Ortiz, Jenn Owens, Kenn Owens, Marie Pees, Kristi Powers, Emily Rider-Longmaid, Alan Rechel, Lynn Rechel, Mary Jane Rota, John Rudy, J. Stanley Schmidt, Daniel Short, Lisa Simms, Aileen Sprague, Judy Sondheimer, Justin Tabor, Joycelyn Thomson, Fran Underwood, Alfred Uzokwe, Jr., Sharon Warfield, Riley Williams, and Carol Wunder.