Capital Carillon is always looking for new people interested in becoming part of the organization. If you are interested in participating in Capital Carillon, please contact us at any time. There are opportunities to participate with the ensemble through our sub list, even if the primary roster is full or it is the middle of a season. Subbing is a great way to get to know the ensemble before joining as a full member.

Auditions for the choir are held annually in the fall. The entire ensemble is re-auditioned every year. Auditions are conducted by the Artistic Director, who ultimately selects members for the primary roster from the pool of auditioning ringers. Auditions for individuals may be held mid-year if a need arises, so if you are interested, there is no need to wait until the fall to reach out to us.

Membership in Capital Carillon offers individuals the opportunity to explore their potential as musicians, increase their skills as handbell ringers, and contribute to the growth, development and recognition of Capital Carillon. Capital Carillon appreciates the contributions of each individual member to the ensemble. Members are expected to help the organization pursue its mission as described in our mission statement. Members are expected to follow the guidelines outlined in our organization’s by-laws, which will be provided upon a successful audition. The most important traits for a member to possess are: commitment, a positive attitude, and a musical aptitude.

If you are interested in auditioning for the ensemble, please contact us and provide the following information:

  • Contact details (email address, telephone)
  • Ringing and/or directing experience (how long, with who)
  • Competencies in handbell techniques
  • Position preferences
  • Other musical experience