If you are interested in booking Capital Carillon to perform at your event, and would like to receive more information about the process, please contact us. Booking for the winter holiday season is typically done in the late summer or early fall. The earlier the better, as this is the busiest season for handbells.

Capital Carillon has two types of offerings available: Full Ensemble, and Small Ensemble.

Full Ensemble

The Full Ensemble offering comprises a full bell choir with 13 + ringers with 5 1/2 – 6 octaves of bells. This offering requires a significant amount of space for the equipment and is not relocatable after being setup. The Full Ensemble offering is most appropriate for concert style performances such as solo concerts, split concerts, accompaniments, church services, weddings,  master classes, and such, where the music is in the foreground of the event, if not the primary focus. This offering must be scheduled well in advance.

Small Ensemble

Capital Carillon Quartet at the Ginger Cove Gala Event

The Small Ensemble offering is typically 4-6 ringers ringing on 1.5-2 octaves of bells. These quartets require no tables or large equipment and can be setup quickly almost anywhere and easily relocated if desired. This type of offering is appropriate for Christmas parties, store entrances, parks, or other situations in which the music is primarily intended to be in background or provide ambiance. Small ensembles can also be appropriate for performance style events such as weddings and church services.